How social (media savvy) are you?

By Leticia Mandrigal, Social Media Specialist

Previously, we’ve mentioned the importance of creating engaging content for social media pages. We learned that it is crucial for businesses and organizations to create content dedicated to their audience/followers, and it must be done so 70 percent of the time.

What type of content can be created to bring interest, engagement and impressions?

First and foremost, creating or replicating the unique voice of your mission is crucial. The more unique and true to your mission, the greater the engagement and interest you will create.

Second, with attention spans decreasing, pages should limit copywriting in posts to the minimum possible. The length of the copy should vary depending on the type and importance of the message being portrayed.

Lastly, visuals are key!

Visuals are one of the tools to quickly and efficiently portray a message or even simply grab the reader’s attention. But not just any image can do that. With algorithm changes to social media platforms such as Facebook, image quality matters too!

The higher quality of a photo, the better chance your post has in obtaining a larger and organic reach.

There are many websites that offer stock photos for free:,, and to name a few.

And if you feel that options are limited, some of these websites even offer affordable monthly memberships or pay-per-use for a larger variety of options!

Furthermore, stock videos and live videos appear to be of higher interest to most audiences. Again, the length of these videos should vary by message and social media platform.

For example, lengthier live footage could be done on Facebook if the majority of your audience is typically present there. If the majority of your audience is present on Twitter, live footage should be hosted there. Instagram Stories and Snapchat can be used for behind the scenes or live event snippets.