How social (media savvy) are you?

By Leticia Mandrigal, Social Media Specialist

Up until a few months ago, social media was a platform in which businesses and organizations could promote their message for free and reach the majority of their audience organically.

As previously mentioned, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all adjusted algorithms for pages in which they promise to show “what an account holder is most interested in seeing” first instead of the original reverse chronological order system.

This is a take at essentially forcing pages to invest in order to reach the audience that was previously reachable organically.

The question that remains is, should the given business invest in every social media post on every social media platform – in order to obtain the largest reach possible?

The answer is based upon the respective business’ advertising budget and audience.

If your business can afford to pay for boosted posts you should invest in every, if not majority of your posts.

If you can’t find a budget to spend on every post, investing in a few that you consider important for your audience is ideal.

Keep in mind that paying for boosted post does not give a free pass to the content of the post. It is important to carefully craft each social media post whether it will obtain organic or paid reach.

The message of the content will always need to match the voice of your business or organization and always be adding value for your audience.

According to Justine Timoteo, Inbound Marketing consultant, business pages should follow a 70-20-10 rule when posting to social media.

This means: 70 percent of the content you post should be adding value and building your brand, 20 percent of the time you should be sharing posts from others and self promotion should only be done 10 percent of the time.

Essentially, only sharing your own content isn’t using social media to your organization’s advantage.