How social (media savvy) are you?

By Leticia Mandrigal, Social Media Specialist

Social media can drive an audience to a business or organization. But how many are doing it right?

What is doing it “right?” Though social media seems to be self-explanatory to those who have mastered personal use, there are still many other factors that can help a business use social media to its advantage.

In a world where success on social media seems to be determined by “likes” and “shares,” a business can lose motivation due to a lack of engagement from their followers or desired audience.

Tips of advice are to create engaging content. Though it may appear that spreading the word or sharing about a business is the “ultimate” goal of a page, business, or organization, it shouldn’t be.

Social media is a conversation; interacting with your audience will give a sense of belonging to those interested in the organization.

But in order to obtain the desired interaction on a page, it must contain engaging content.

As a business or organization, a rule of thumb is to create engaging content: ask questions, create images for the majority of posts, create contests, find out what your audience likes and how they like to obtain it. The interaction begins with you – the organization.

Also, share content that is related to your message, give your audience a sense of belonging by sharing appropriate content that is shared with your organization, reply to comments, messages and concerns addressed to your organization.

Regardless of the amount of traction being brought to your page it is important to respond quickly and accurately. Even if you don’t have the answer to a question, reply and make the individual aware that you will find an answer – and be sure to respond as soon a possible.

More importantly, don’t be discouraged if you are creating engaging content but aren’t seeing any results. Instead, sit back and evaluate what you could do differently. Maybe it’s the time you are posting content – often the best times to post seem to be noon and after 5 p.m.

A great resource to use on Facebook is Insights. This feature will show a page details of when its audience is most active, which can be used to guide the timeline of content that your business will be posting.

For success on social media: create engaging content, interact with your audience and stay informed in the ever-changing world that is social media.