Shaver Lake fishing report and Catch of the Day

Photo by Dick Nichols – Shyam Sharma, of Clovis, proudly displays a four-pound trophy sized rainbow caught with his friend Christian Scott while fishing with Dick Nichols of Dick’s Fishing Charters on Shaver Lake.

Dick Nichols, Dick’s Fishing Charters | Contributed

Shaver Lake kokanee showed some improvement this past week with a limit or two possible. On the other hand, the trout bite is off.

In the area of Sierra Marina, roads one and two have been the best ticket for kokanee. Over the weekend we had some trophy trout to four pounds caught on our boat, which is a refreshing note. The real good kokanee trollers are catching a limit or two while others struggle. I realistically would say you should be happy with five kokanee.

We are marking many fish in the above areas, but elsewhere in the lake there are one here and one there. No schooling other than Sierra Marina, roads one and two. Right now the kokanee are steady on the fish finder at 37 feet but you want to try 33-55 feet. Our last trip out we got them in all of those depths, in fact two at 55 feet. Pink Koke Busters, Terry Walton spinners and Apex lures have been the most popular of most of us. Of course all are tipped with corn and behind Captain Jack’s C.J. Dodgers.

Expert kokanee guys like Dick Gomez and Earl Taniguchi had no problem limiting out on multiple trips this week. Gomez uses a red bug with no dodger right behind captain Jack’s six shooter ball troll. I tried that also and found it effective on one of my three down riggers. Taniguchi uses a Terry Walton spinner in either orange or pink behind a Terry Walton dodger for his fish. Both have great methods.

On our last trip out, Christian Scott of Monterey and his buddy Shyam Sharma of Clovis picked up trophy trout up to four pounds along with kokanee up to 15 inches – but there are good days and not so good days as I said. Again, things appear to be getting better as we approach pre-spawn time later this month. That’s when the kokanee drop down in the water column to 80 or 90 feet deep.

Bank fishermen aren’t doing well but about every week I see a trophy come from a shore fishermen. The mouth of Dorabella Cove has been the most active spots for bank caught trophies.

Huntington Lake is doing better than Shaver, where limits of trout and kokanee are the norm. The kokes are smaller than Shaver, but what the heck, they have more fish!

With Shaver’s water starting to recede, I think the overall trout bite will pick up. Until then, it’s the kokanee that you should target.

Best wishes for your rest of the summer fishing and remember, the fall can be outstanding.

See ya on the lake,