Shaver Lake Fishing Report

Francisco Rivas, of Clovis, and his friend Juan Pedraza, of Lubbock, Texas, show their catch of quality kokanee during a recent trip with guide Dick Nichols. (Contributed by Dick’s Fishing Charters)

I am so happy to return to my favorite newspaper, the Clovis Roundup, for another year of reporting the fishing activity at Shaver Lake. I have a great report for you. It has been simply outstanding for over three weeks. In all of my charter trips this year, we have scored limitsfor everyone on each trip. I love that! The kokanee bite is fast and furious. We have been catching most of our kokanee at depths of 23 to 28 feet deep. Fishing around The Point, Island and Black Rock have been our most productive areas of the lake. Of course, I use mostly my own tackle for kokanee, which includes Dick’s Mountain hoochies, Koke Busters and Trout Busters, all tipped with treated shoepeg corn, behind Dick’s Mountain Blades. But, I have found the orange and clear Apex lure to be a hot item. All tackle is available locally at Valley Rod and Gun.

Super happy that good ole Department Of Fish and Game made two plants in two weeks of catchable rainbow trout this month. The results have been great for trout fishermen both trolling and from shore. Fishing at depths of surface to 20 feet down with Trout Busters, tipped with crawler and corn behind weighted Mountain Flasher will get you in that area – and has been very effective. Guys like Rick Scheidt, of Clovis, a waiter at Cool Hand Luke’s and his buddy Steve Carillo, of Fresno, hit the water this past week and collected a couple limits of trout and kokanee along with a very nice trophy trout – an example of people catching fish. Try fishing the Sierra Marina and dam areas out to The Point and Island for best results on trout, that’s where Rick and Steve fished. Shore anglers have found some nice ¾-pounders from the first plant near the marina. Trout dough bait in rainbow and green have been some of the better bait. Inflated crawlers can also do the job.

The Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Project recently made our first of two plants of about 1,000 trophy-sized trout, 3 to 6 pounds. The new arrivals to Shaver have spread fast, with many found near The Island and mouth of Boy Scout Cove at 20 to 25 feet deep. They hit the same tackle that was previously recommended. In fact, most are caught while fishing for smaller trout or kokanee. Bob Bernier, chairman of the trophy plant, said that this string of trout are quick movers as they have been raised in cold water from a river directly into the sandy bottom holding areas. Those who have caught these trophies say they are true fighters and taste good.

I recommend that you dust the boat off, pack some tackle and get up here soon to take advantage of one of the best bites in years. I am always here to answer any of your questions, so feel free to text me at (559) 281-6948 or email me at

Until our next issue, best wishes in your effort to hook a good one!