School Reopening For Secondary Students Postponed to Feb 1

CUSD Boardmember Steven Fogg discussing school reopening at the January 13 board meeting. (Courtesy of CUSD)

Clovis Unified School District held a board meeting January 13 to discuss the return of secondary students for in-class learning.

In December, the state announced a new health guideline called “Safe Schools For All Plans.” Each school must submit a safety plan and have it approved before reopening.

The announcement caused CUSD to postpone their reopening plans from January 5 to January 19. However, the reopening date has been postponed again to February 1.

Many parents called into Wednesday’s meeting expressing their frustrations. They are concerned their children will not be returning to school anytime soon.

Students who have already transitioned to the hybrid model are not affected and will continue with in-person learning.

Some parents demanded the board to disregard the state’s restrictions and reopen the schools. CUSD responded that they must comply with these regulations or face consequences.

CUSD said they will continue to work with local and state health departments in order to comply with current health regulations.

As of now, CUSD plans to have students return February 1 but they are not confident. Due to the state’s health recommendations, they expect there will be more delays.

Boardmember Steven Fogg stated he feels March 1 is a more realistic date for reopening. He believes it will provide enough time for CUSD staff and students to be vaccinated.

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