Roll Me Some: Handcrafted Rolled Ice Cream


Roll Me Some, a trendy ice cream shop, offers rolled ice cream out of 356 Tavern in Old Town Clovis. (Roll Me Some/Facebook)

A new way to enjoy summer’s favorite dessert has arrived in Clovis. Roll Me Some, a handcrafted rolled ice cream shop, has brought the popular Thailand ice cream freezing method known as “Thai fried rolled ice cream” to the Central Valley.

In the last few years, restaurants that “cook in front of you” have become trendy from Japanese Teppanyaki to artisanal personalized pizzas. In contrast, most shops that offer desserts already have their products premade for hours to days and simply ready to serve once you walk in the door.

But, that is not the case with Roll Me Some – this Thai method brings an exceptional ice cream making experience right before your eyes. If you haven’t seen a video of your friends capturing this internet sensation process, you’re probably not very active on social media.

The handcrafted ice cream shop prides itself in using all fresh and locally sourced ingredients gathered from and around the Valley. It currently offers 13 signature flavors including their best seller “Nutella and Chill,” a nutella and banana mix topped with fresh bananas, nutella drizzle, chocolate graham crackers and whipped cream and a “create your own” option.

This handcrafted process begins by laying toppings and a cream base over a -32 degree cold plate. This commences the unique fast-freezing, which gives the liquid a smooth and creamy texture. Then, toppings are directly mashed together using a “chopping” method with two flat metal spatulas. Once everything is mixed in, a thin layer of cream is evenly spread out on the metal plate and as soon as it reaches “frozen perfection,” six sections are rolled into tube looking stips.

The final step includes the assembling portion, where it’s all about presentation. In a cup, each rolled section is perfectly placed to represent a flower, with one center and five edges. Once those are in place, additional decorative toppings such as whipped cream, fruit, cookies or sprinkles are added and ready to enjoy.

Roll Me Some is located inside of 356 Tavern, previously The Old Hotel Bistro, at Fourth and Pollasky avenues in Old Town Clovis.