Rivera relying on youth and experience to win Clovis election

Maeketah Rivera, 28, is running for a seat on the Clovis City Council.
(Photo courtesy of Maeketah Rivera)

Twenty-eight-year-old Maeketah Rivera is aiming to bring a fresh perspective as she runs for a Clovis City Council seat in March.

Rivera is one of four candidates fighting for three positions. The rest of the candidates include incumbents Drew Bessinger, Jose Flores and Bob Whalen.

“No disrespect to the other three opponents, but a lot of them have been on the council for many years, one of them since the 90s, so I feel like it’s time for a new leadership given the time that we’re in,” Rivera said.

The Clovis resident, currently working as a community service officer for the Fresno Police Department, said she is relying on her experience in law enforcement and her growing desire to serve the community.

“I do an excellent job working in the community in the Northwest policing district and I served in student government in college,” Rivera said.  “I’m at the point in my life I want to represent the community in which I live in.”

Rivera said one of her main goals is to fight against illegal dumping, working with the county to clean up certain areas of Clovis.

“That’s something the residents in that particular area talk about all the time,” Rivera said. “People come and illegally dump things and they understand they’re in the county pocket, but they live within the city of Clovis.”

Rivera said her other priority is public safety.

“Crime reduction is my biggest thing because Clovis has issues with a lot of property crime and I know that sounds like more of a law enforcement thing, but I feel that as a council member, public safety should be our concern as well,” Rivera said.

Having talked to several people in the community, Rivera said she has already received a lot of support.

“They are really excited that there’s someone young and someone who is a female who wants to get involved,” Rivera said.

She adds that many older people in the community have expressed concern about not seeing enough people who are interested in politics.

“They’re really excited to see someone young and just a fresh new face and potentially new leadership,” Rivera said.

Rivera said all of her education and experience has prepared her for a position as a council member.

“I’m all about the community. I do as many things as I can in Clovis,” Rivera said. “All I’ve been doing since the last election was just waiting for my turn, waiting for the years to pass so I could run. I’m really excited about that and that the time has come now.”

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