Rio Grill: Brazilian food at its best

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By Amy Guerra

Photo by Amy Guerra

“Spicy chicken?” It was our lunch hour, and the gaucho that stood tableside ready to carve the offered in traditional Brazilian Churrascaria style was waiting for us to grab our tongs to pull our selection of the long metal Rotisserie skewers he displayed. After all, we’d already helped ourselves to the buffet of side dishes: a couscous salad, with slivers of carrots and sweet golden raisins, Brazilian cauliflower gratin, roasted potatoes with bell peppers and onions, creamy potato salad with peas and carrots, and black beans and rice.

The endless parade of meats was broken only by an offering of roasted pineapple, sprinkled with cinnamon before it began again: spicy chicken, roasted chicken, tender chicken breast, tri-tip, pork, lamb all flavored with different spices and an interesting contrast the array of side dishes found in the buffet area.

The bright and colorful walls of Rio Grill in Clovis stood tall against the high ceilings and large windows that wrapped around the dining area. Rio Grill also offers authentic Brazilian drinks, serving one of the most popular soft drinks found in Brazil- Guaraná, a soft drink described as similar to “ginger ale.” Varieties of Brazil’s national cocktail, the Caipirinha, is made with sugar, lime and a sugar cane liquor called Cachaça, (hard liquor made from sugar cane). The varieties of Caipirinha are numerous, ranging from traditional, to passion fruit, to coconut; other cocktails like the Brazilian Cosmo incorporate Cachaça, putting a Brazilian spin on a classic drink. To satisfy an entire table, the Caipirinha is available by the pitcher.

Rio Grill is located at 1240 Shaw Ave. in Clovis at the Sierra Vista Shopping Center. They can also be found online at

Photo by Amy Guerra
Photo by Amy Guerra
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