Reflections of 2018 Clovis Rodeo Queen, Kaitlyn DeMott


As her reign as the 2018 Clovis Rodeo Queen draws to a close, Kaitlyn DeMott fondly contemplates the past year and excitedly looks to the future.

Originally from Agua Dulce, CA, DeMott shared her thoughts and experiences from her special year with the Roundup.

How did it feel to hear your name announced as the Clovis Rodeo Queen for 2018?

“Hearing my name announced as Miss Clovis Rodeo for 2018 was like a dream come true. I had been so nervous leading up to the announcement that I was still shaking even when they crowned me and gave me my sash. It was incredibly rewarding to know that all the long hours of practice and hard work that was put in by my supporters and myself had paid off.”

What were the reactions of those close to you, your family and friends?

“My friends and family were excited and we took hundreds of pictures that day. Those close to me had been there throughout the whole process leading up to the competition and I couldn’t have done it without them. They were all incredibly supportive and offered endless congratulations.”

No doubt you have had a very busy year. What were some of your biggest challenges and how did you solve them?

“Some of my biggest challenges were balancing school, traveling for queen appearances, taking care of my horses and working part time. I am also on the Fresno State rodeo team where we practice everyday and travel to rodeos all throughout the school year. Balancing all my responsibilities is a challenge but also very rewarding.”

Did certain rodeos stand out in your mind?

“I loved being able to travel all over California and Nevada for rodeos but the rodeos that stand out most would be the Reno Rodeo and the California Rodeo in Salinas. They stood out just because they were very large and gave me hundreds of opportunities to interact with rodeo fans. However, my favorite rodeo this year has been my home rodeo, the Clovis rodeo because there are so many opportunities to interact and be apart of the action. The Clovis rodeo has the best rodeo fans, production members and competitors.”

Do you have anecdotes you would like to share?

“One of the most exciting opportunities I received this year was the chance to ride in the chuck wagon at the Reno rodeo! It is a rare opportunity to be able to ride in the wagon as a queen unless you are the Reno Rodeo queen yourself. It just so happened that I was there on one of the nights they were letting one of the queens ride in the wagon and they allowed me the opportunity! It was such a thrill to be in the wagon while it was moving so fast through the arena in front of such a large crowd!”

Do you have advice for future rodeo queen contestants?

“My future advice would be to take advantage of every opportunity given to you. The year I have spent as Miss Clovis rodeo has flown by, and even though I visited countless rodeos I still wish I had been able to go to more. I have met some of the best rodeo fans in the world and have been blessed to be able to represent such a large and great organization. Without this title, I would not have had such an exciting and fun-filled year!”

What are your future plans?

“I plan to graduate next year from Fresno State majoring in animal science and eventually pursue a Masters in Agriculture Sciences. I hope to use my education and real-world experiences to either become a teacher or work in the animal industry with pharmaceuticals.”

Kaitlyn DeMott, Miss Clovis Rodeo 2018