Realty Concepts has a new look for 2019

The new simple design featuring an R and a C with a line under the letters at the Realty Concepts office located inside the Centennial Plaza, off Bullard and Pollasky in Clovis. (Photo by Kelsey Lester-Perry)

Realty Concepts, LLC, a Fresno-based real estate brokerage, is starting the year with a new look!

“It just happened overnight,” the receptionist at Realty Concepts Clovis said. “They try to get everything done at once. So you leave the office, come back the next morning and everything has changed.”

J.P. Shamshoian, president of the business said, “After 28 years, we have decided that the time is right to undergo a refresh of our brand. We will still be ‘Realty Concepts,’ but we will have a totally new look and feel for the brand.”

This change will come in the form of a new company logo on real estate signs, new, sleeker business cards, and, in the case of the Bullard and Pollasky Realty Concepts, a redesign to the massive sign that hangs on the Centennial Plaza building.

Realty Concepts is adding a new tagline: “A Family Company.” And, a second logo with just an underlined “RC” will be featured on some business cards, according to an article from the Business Journal.

“Family company” partly refers to the father-and-son ownership. It also has to do with the fact that many of their employees are “family,” and that the company works with families to buy and sell their homes, according to the article.

“That’s a big part of who we are, making sure we are serving the families of the Central Valley with professionalism and first-class service,” Shamshoian stated.


Kelsey Lester-Perry
Kelsey is an award-winning reporter from San Jose who recently moved to Clovis. Her previous work experiences includes the Spartan Daily, La Voz Weekly, and the Gilroy Patch.