Clovis Community College to host Public forum on Thursday, June 27th


A flyer displaying each candidate for Vice President of Student Services at Clovis Community College. (Photo by Clovis Community College)

This Thursday, June 27th, there will be a public forum for finalists to be the Vice President of Student Services at Clovis Community College.

There are six finalists for the position, who will each take part in a forty-five-minute forum at the college and be broadcasted live to the public. During this forum, each candidate will notify the crowds of their individual plans for the college and where they see it going under their direction.

This will also include each candidate answering questions from the public submitted prior to the event anytime before 5PM on June 25th. Questions can be submitted through this link.

The event will begin with the doors opening at 8:30AM and an introduction from Julianne Mosier, the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.

This introduction will be followed by each candidate’s 45-minute forum, beginning with Nestor Lomeli. He will be followed by Dr. Natalie Culver-Dockins, Kira Tippins, Lorena Lopez, Cecilia Alvarado, and finishing with Dr. Amanda Xu, with a lunch break in between.

Attendees can also submit feedback on each individual candidate using this link for forum feedback, which must be submitted by 5PM on Tuesday of next week.