Play Review: The Wedding Singer

Clovis North High School’s fall production of “The Wedding Singer” is based off the ‘80s romantic comedy and Adam Sandler film. COURTESY OF CLOVIS NORTH BRONCO DRAMA

Clovis North High School’s fall production is a blast from the past.

“The Wedding Singer,” put on by director Joel Abels and his drama students, takes the crowd back to the 80s where a wedding singer falls for a bride-to-be.

Robbie Hart, played by Rhys Avants, is a vibrant young man who’s hopeful for the future until he get his heart broken.

Linda, played by Clara Billington, skips out on her wedding day and leaves Robbie devastated and ridiculed on the altar. Though in this musical, the sad parts don’t last too long. Robbie’s grandmother Rosie, played by Maddie Nelson, revives his suicidal mood by reminding him of Linda’s promiscuity in her humorous song, “A Note From Grandma.”

And what is even more difficult for Robbie is dealing with heartache while having to constantly perform at weddings. At one point, it seemed as though Robbie had lost his will to live.

While dragged by the band to sing at their next wedding gig, Robbie trashes the wedding and ends up in a dumpster.

At the moment, however, an unlikely friendship sprung. A waitress named Julia Sullivan, played by Haley Huntley, and Robbie embark on a joyful yet melancholic stroll.

The audience begins to see the shift in Robbie, the once hopeless romantic and comical singer comes to life as he helps Julia plan her wedding.

Just as Robbie and Julia begin to discover their romantic feelings for one another, Robbie realizes that he may never find true love because Julia is engaged to be married with another man.

Everything changes for Robbie during Act 2. He becomes determined to mature and enamorate the love of his life, Julia.

But maybe his approach wasn’t the best. He hoped that by becoming like Glen Gulia, Julia’s fiance, he would surely win her over. Instead, he pushed her further away.

Sad feelings are quickly washed away in this light-hearted musical as Robbie and Julia express their deep love with the song “Grow Old With You” and in a dramatic turn of events, they get married.

“The Wedding Singer” is sure to take your emotions on roller coaster ride, while bringing the ‘80s back to life.