Planning Commission Approves New Housing Standards and Loma Vista Housing Development

Clovis City Planning Commission approved the newest plans for a 18-home development in the Loma Vista area at their Sept. 26 meeting. (City of Clovis)

Only two objectives were discussed in the Clovis Planning Commission’s latest meeting and not everything was fully approved by the council.

The meeting took place on September 23rd in-person and streamed live on the City of Clovis website, with the main subject being about housing developments and possible future amendments for the developers. 

The biggest objective brought to the council was an Ordinance Amending Title 9 of the Municipal code. This is related to housing development projects standards and procedures, density bonus provisions, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and review procedures. 

This new ordinance was looked to be passed in order for the City of Clovis to comply with the newest laws passed by the state just this month. This would also mean that the existing code would be completely replaced to reflect these new state laws.

While there were some detailed questions that needed some answers, Pro-Tem Chair Mike Cunningham was not too fond of this new proposal that the State of California is looking to enforce with cities needing to comply.

“It’s a state law so I presume it’s binding on the city. I don’t know what the purpose of our vote is tonight other than to formalize the City Ordinance,” Cunningham said. “I’m vehemently opposed to the state shoving this down our necks. If I thought it would do any good at all I would be an adamant no on this, but I’m very understanding of how we’re handcuffed into having to do this…”

The votes for this proposal were three to one with a majority of votes voting to recommend this ordinance to the City of Clovis.

While this was more discussed and vocal subject that was discussed in the meeting, the council did unanimously agree on a new housing development by DeYoung Properties located on Shaw between Leonard and Agua Dulce. The lot will include 18 new single-family homes that will average a lot size of 6860 square feet. 

DeYoung Properties representative Brandon DeYoung optimistically spoke on this new project of houses.

“This really is the best use of this area given the zoning for this particular location,” DeYoung said. “Win, win, win. Win for us as a developer, win for the city and a win for the community.”

All four members voted unanimously to approve this development.

For more details of the proposed subjects for this meeting, you can view the meeting on the City of Clovis website, or you can view the meeting on the City of Clovis YouTube page.  The next meeting for the Clovis Planning Commission is scheduled for Thursday, October 28.

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