“Pappy” Receives Special Recognition

Lenny “Pappy” Papulias presented with Presentation of Proclamation by Clovis City Council (Courtesy of City of Clovis)

The Clovis City Council awarded a Presentation of Proclamation in honor of Lenny “Pappy” Papulias Monday evening. Papulias was recognized for his continued support of the Annual Thanksgiving Lunch at the Clovis Senior Activity Center (CSAC).  

The CSAC has been providing free community Thanksgiving lunches since 1982. To date, the annual event has provided approximately 12,000 hot meals to those who are in need.

Every Thanksgiving, for 39 years, Papulias has volunteered to help cook the turkeys and side dishes. Pappy has been the leader of other kitchen volunteers who work the day prior, and overnight, to create the meals for the Clovis holiday tradition. 

Even during the restrictions of 2020, Pappy remained committed to providing meals for those in need. With his efforts, the CSAC was able to provide over 500 meals in a drive-thru event.

General Services Manager of the CSAC, Amy Hance, provided the approximate amount of food Pappy and the other kitchen volunteers have cooked over the past 39 years.

According to Hance, Papulias and his crew have cooked at least 1,400 turkeys, 4,000 pounds of sweet potatoes, created 475 trays of stuffing and green beans, and 780 gallons of gravy.

Papulias spoke briefly to the council about his contribution to the yearly event.

“I just want to say thank you,” Papulias said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to do this every year. We’re coming up on my 40th year. It’s not just me, it’s a team of talented helpers that have been helping me for quite a few years which, sooner or later, I hope to retire and I think it’ll be in good hands. They know what they’re doing, they love what they do, we love what we do, and hey I got a few more years so…thank you.”

Until his retirement, the CSAC and all those who volunteer will look to Pappy for his constant contribution.

As Pappy says, “Just want to feed the people, so let’s roll.” 

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