Old Town Fall Wine Walk gets better with age

Hundreds turn out for the Old Town Clovis Wine Walk on Saturday. (Photo by Ron Sundquist)

By Alexandria T. Montes | Reporter

Old Town Clovis gathered wine lovers and connoisseurs from all over this last weekend to celebrate its 7th biannual Fall Wine Walk.  

Some of these wineries included Summerwood, Cardella, Agajanian, Giesen & Foppiano and 3 Oaks Vineyard to name a few.

“This is my first time coming to the Old Town Clovis Wine Walk. I don’t usually come here, so this actually brought me into actually check out the stores too,” Christina Salmeron said, a non-local resident. “And that was really nice because I didn’t know we had such a gem here.”

Salmeron mentioned some of the wines she tasted that evening but overall, she found 3 Oak’s mystery wine to be her favorite. At this year’s wine walk, owner Steve Shoeman featured a Tempranillo, a Cab Franc and a mystery wine named “Firewater.”  Many guest waited out the door of 3 Oaks to anticipate the new tastes.

“It’s a newbie that I did for the first time, it’s a white port called “Firewater,” Shoeman said.

Not only were the guest impressed with wine and food, but socializing collectively with the community really made for a highlight at the evening’s walk. A Secret Garden is a merchant who also participated in Old Town’s Fall Wine Walk and said it is so nice because it brings in many different types of people.

“I feel like it is something that relaxes everyone and not just because of the wine – but because it brings everyone together, they get to enjoy each other and makes the community feel like a family,” said Aubrey Del Real, a florist at A Secret Garden.

Zachary Schuh was also present with friends and said he has come for the past four years and has enjoyed his experience every time. He feels it’s a great opportunity to socialize and for people to experience an event in Old Town Clovis that you would have otherwise never have seen.

“I think if people tried to come out to these types of events more often, then it would really help Clovis stimulate growth,” Schuh said. “These type of events stimulate opportunity for Old Town Clovis to become something more desirable for the community and can become the main focal point for everyone to rally around and get to know Clovis.”

Like others, many feel that events like this are a direct correlation to the growth in Old Town Clovis.  

“These types of events generate so much buzz and we always have people come back weeks after,” Del Real said. “It’s always nice because we get to tell them about upcoming events, which is great advertisement for Old Town Clovis.”