Old Town Clovis rolls out Farm To Table Dinner

Old Town Clovis hosted its inaugural Farm to Table Dinner complete with flowers, lights and music on Pollasky Avenue, Sunday, April 22, 2018. (Courtesy of Kellie Hustedde/Archer & Hound Advertising)

This year, the Business Organization of Old Town Clovis (B.O.O.T.) hosted its first ever Farm To Table dinner where 216 guests watched Pollasky Avenue light up. Attendees gathered around a “king’s table” to enjoy a spring dinner that showcased a five-course meal along with paired drinks to help capture the essence of the food from the farm to the table.

“It was a completely different style of event that you see happen in Clovis,” said Christina Ferguson, Dining Manager at Trelio. “This was so unique because there was one big king’s table where everybody enjoyed each other’s company. It was absolutely gorgeous, it was elegant, and everybody loved it.”

Carole Lester, Executive Director of B.O.O.T., said Old Town is always looking for something different to draw new people who maybe haven’t discovered what a great shopping and dining district it is. However, the purpose of this dinner was to help promote local growers. All food featured at the Spring Dinner was directly from the field to the table and benefits went to the Heart of The Horse Therapy Ranch.

The short ribs were provided by Harris Ranch and the greens were provided from Thao Farm. Whether it was yellow fin tuna or Shanghai short style ribs, chefs from Trelio, REV’s and Gastro Grill all worked together to provide a dinner that encompassed that idea in preparing their food for the evening. Guest were pleased to get a taste of each chef’s elegance and flair.

Illuminate Hair Studio and Spa Owner Ronnie Silva was among those in attendance, with a party of 18. He and his wife enjoyed the evening with friends and clients as way to show appreciation and take in what Old Town Clovis has to offer and what it has become. Silva said unlike Big Hat Days or the Antiques Fair where you’re typically traveling around Pollasky, this time guest got to admire and appreciate the beauty of Old Town Clovis.

“We’ve owned a business for six years in Old Town Clovis and it’s been fun to see the transformation with the new building that has been built down south of Fifth [Street], and the cool new restaurants,” Silva said, “It just feels like everyone is feeding off that energy and you have events like this that just blow up. It’s great!”

A fall version of this event, the Farm to Table Harvest Dinner, is scheduled for Oct. 14.

“This was our first and we think it was very successful,” Lester said. “It is a lot of work. It takes a lot of manpower, a lot of volunteers, but it came off without a hitch. We are really happy with the result, as well as getting great feedback.”