No More Insecurity About Your Credit & Debit Card Security

The Noble Credit Union Clovis branch is located on 175 N Clovis Ave. between Sierra and Herndon Ave. (Clovis Roundup Photo)

Consumers use their debit and credit cards for billions of dollars in purchases during the Christmas shopping season – it’s when Americans use their cards more than any other time of year.

Of course, with increased usage of cards during the holidays, the likelihood of a thief stealing your cards grows as well.

How insecure are your debit and credit cards? Unfortunately, card fraud can happen to anyone, anytime. That’s why, for many consumers, card security has become a priority.

There’s now a pair of applications for smartphones and mobile devices that puts the power of security in your hands. The CardValet® and Mobile Wallet apps provide real-time, electronic management and protection of your debit and credit cards. Noble Credit Union members benefit from both apps.

Here’s some of what you can do with the amazing CardValet app:

Turn your cards on and off. You can disable a lost or stolen card. You can turn your card off so no one can use it. When it’s safe again, you can turn the card back on.

Set limits on your cards. You can monitor your cards and watch spending in real-time. You can specify a dollar amount that cannot be exceeded.

Geographically restrict transactions. Using the GPS on your smartphone or mobile device, you can program your cards to be used only for transactions at certain locations or within a county, state or nation.

Be alert 24/7. You’ll be alerted immediately on your device every time your cards are used, whether a transaction is approved or declined…whether it was made by you or someone else.

Replace cards with the Mobile Wallet. With the Wallet app, you can add your credit and debit cards right into your mobile device. At a cashier that accepts Wallet transactions, place your phone near the store’s payment device and your phone will complete the financial transaction.  No more carrying your cards.  No more swiping at retailers.  No more worries.

In addition to CardValet and the Mobile Wallet, Noble Credit Union offers a wealth of secure financial management features at no cost to members.

Noble Credit Union, a Forbes Best-in-State Credit Union, offers members full access to a wide range of financial services, including checking and savings accounts with no monthly fees, online and mobile banking, low rate MyRewards VISA credit cards, even budget management. For more information about membership in Noble Credit Union, call (559) 252-5000 or visit