Next-Gen Escape room now open to the public

Community members take part in the various tasks Next-Gen Escape has in store for its customers. PHOTO COURTESY OF NEXT-GEN ESCAPE

Development for businesses can often feature a variety of tools and tips to get the best out of a team of employees. 

But, what about putting those employees in a series of situations to test their communication and teamwork?

Well, that’s where Next-Gen Escape comes in. 

The new business in the Clovis area will be the first escape room in California with a focus on team development for businesses. 

Once the organization’s teams finish ‘escaping’ their room – teams will go through workshops

highlighting effective communication and leadership. 

“We’re hoping to build out experiences that will help improve soft-skills and team dynamics for Clovis organizations and teams leading to greater retention rates and higher employee job satisfaction,” owner Conrad Kimball said. 

Next-Gen Escape was started by Fresno State Alumni Kammer, Kimball and Kiara Hill. 

The escape room celebrated their opening last Friday, August 2 and are open to community members and businesses alike. 

For more information, visit the Next-Gen Escape website to schedule a time or to check out one of the hottest new businesses in town.