New restaurants taking shape near Costco

MOD Pizza is set to officially open Spring 2020. PHOTO COURTESY OF MOD PIZZA

With the opening of the new Costco on Shaw and Clovis Avenues, Huckleberry’s (2100 Clovis Ave), MOD Pizza and a Starbucks will all follow suit as their new businesses will be open soon.

Known for their southern cooking, with a California twist, Huckleberry’s has been open to the public since Monday. 

The new site takes the place of the former Carrows restaurant and after months of remodeling, the southern style breakfast and lunch spot is serving Clovis community members. 

MOD Pizza will officially be open in April 2020, but the site’s construction is underway. 

The new pizza place will feature individual-sized pizzas with over 30 toppings to choose from and there aren’t confusing prices as whatever toppings you choose for your pizza or salad, you’ll pay one set price. 

Starbucks on the other hand is months away as well, as the construction for the coffee shop is also underway.