New Parking Approved for Botanical Gardens

The Clovis Botanical Garden is located on 945 N Clovis Ave, on northwest corner of Alluvial and Clovis Avenues. (Sarah Soghomonian/Clovis Roundup)

At the latest Clovis City Council meeting, a request to approve a new site plan for the Clovis Botanical Gardens was approved. Amendments to the original plan were made and brought to the attention of the council at the meeting. The changes stemmed from an April meeting in which the Planning Commission came to the council for prior advice on the Botanical Gardens.

The changes brought to the attention of the council at this meeting were pertaining to parking. The plan now is to extend parking at the Gardens. This continuance on the issue was taken in order to come up with more specific requirements for parking at the Gardens.

A video of a new building designed specifically for the Botanical Gardens that has already been approved from prior meetings by the City Council was played during the presentation of this new amendment to the parking structure.

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