New leadership at Clovis Rotary Club

Kurt Sieve, who was humorously presented with the "COAT of MANY GAVELS",—a playful nod to the club's tradition of members "stealing" the president's gavel throughout the year.
Kurt Sieve wearing his “COAT of MANY GAVELS” (Photo courtesy of

June 26, 2024 — The Clovis Rotary Club, a local chapter of the global Rotary International organization, welcomed its new president in a ceremonial gavel-passing event last Friday. The passing of the gavel marked a new chapter for the group known for its dedication to community service and youth support.

Incoming president Jeri Carmichael assumes leadership from outgoing president Kurt Sieve, who was humorously presented with the “Coat of Many Gavels” — a tie-dye sport coat adorned with miniature gavels. This playful gesture nods to the club’s tradition of members “borrowing” the president’s gavel throughout the year.

Carmichael, who was inducted into the Clovis Rotary Club on July 12, 2013, with sponsorship from Rich Manfredo, brings a wealth of experience and passion for community service to her new role. Known for her honesty and integrity, Carmichael values family deeply. Her hobbies include riding horses and Harleys.

In addition to her professional career, Carmichael has dedicated many hours of service to several volunteer and community organizations, including Rescue the Children, the Fresno Women’s Network, and Breaking the Chains, an organization dedicated to rescuing women from sex trafficking.

Under Carmichael’s leadership, the Clovis Rotary Club aims to expand its impact on the local community, focusing on projects that support youth development, local nonprofits, and those in need. Clovis Rotary, chartered in February 1961, has a rich history of community engagement and philanthropy, supporting various local initiatives including food distribution programs, scholarships for high school students, and participation in Rotary International’s Youth Exchange program.

Rotary International, founded in 1905 by Paul P. Harris, is a global service organization with a presence in over 200 countries. Its motto, “Service Above Self,” reflects the commitment of Rotarians worldwide to improving communities through volunteer work and humanitarian efforts.

In Clovis, the Rotary Club embodies this spirit by addressing local needs and fostering fellowship among its diverse membership. The club meets every Friday at noon and welcomes guests interested in learning more about their activities and mission.

As Jeri Carmichael begins her tenure, the Clovis Rotary Club looks forward to another year of meaningful service and community impact.