Native Daughters of the Golden West Donate to Community Heritage Center

June 22, 2024 — On the morning of Thursday, June 20th, the Clovis Veterans Memorial District in Clovis received a check from The Native Daughters of the Golden West (NDGW) for the purchase of an Automatic External Defibrillator or an AED, to be installed in the Community Heritage Center.

This significant piece of medical equipment, which is a potentially lifesaving device used for individuals who go into sudden cardiac arrest, was something noticeably lacking from the center when someone from the organization visited a few months prior. A defibrillator being available in locations such as these can increase the chances of survival in cases of a cardiac arrest.

Having something like this is vitally important to the community as physical health and wellbeing for its citizens continues to be a pressing issue on the minds of Clovis residents.

NDGW member Patti Cline said that the importance of this event was not necessarily the check but rather “getting our heads together and donating something that’s helpful to the community.”

NDGW member Gayla Shorey spoke about the principles upheld by the organization and how they are important to the local community, and California as a whole.

Shorey stated, “We’re a fraternal and patriotic organization, and our principles are love of home, devotion to the flag, veneration of the pioneers, and our preserving California history.”

The NDGW was first formed in 1886 in Jackson, California, found in the foothills of Amador County, where the organization was born. Founder Lilly O. Reichling brought in twenty California-born women and established the first chapter, called Ursula Parlor. Today, there are over 60 active chapters across the Golden State.

As a nonprofit organization, they are devoted to philanthropy in the community, which is reflected through their generous donation to the Community Heritage Center as well as the many contributions they make towards charitable foundations in California.

CEO of Clovis Veterans Memorial District Lorenzo Rios commented that this event is more than the presentation of a check; it reflects the NDGW’s vision for future generations of women in the organization. He stated, “The grit that we see in our community to persevere under austere conditions is a reflection of strong women inspiring men to be the best versions of themselves.”

The NDGW’s generous donation is a shining example of the kind of contribution to community heritage and history that is highly valuable to Clovis.