Mystery Bananas in Old Town Clovis Solved

The mystery of the bananas in Old Town Clovis has been solved, thanks to the wonderful community of Clovis.

The story was first brought up to the Clovis Roundup from an out of town visitor.

Karen Medeiros and her colleagues from Fair Oaks, reached out after finding bananas randomly placed in odd places while walking around in Old Town Clovis last week.

The party responsible for the bananas is Clovis Hills Community Church.

According to the church’s Jr. High Pastor, Mike Hazelrigg, the church organizes the hunt every year.

“Once a year we do something called, the Great Banana Hunt. We hide anywhere from 200 to 300 pounds of bananas as well as army men, small animal figurines, and stuffed animals; and the students get in groups and have a massive scavenger hunt around Old Town,” said Hazelrigg. “Last Wednesday night was the annual event and we had 105 local Jr. Highers go throughout Old town from 7 to 8 p.m. finding as many as they could!”

The Great Banana Hunt trophy. (Mike Hazelrigg/Clovis Hills Community Church)

The team that collects the most bananas will receive a banana trophy with their names engraved.

Clovis Hills Community Church is located on 10590 N. Willow Ave, across the street from Clovis Community College and Clovis North High School.

There you have it, folks. The mystery of the bananas has been solved. Again, a big thank you to the Clovis community for reaching out.