Mission to Rescue Christmas: The Salvation Army Needs Community Support

The Christmas season is something to look forward to. With the twinkling holiday lights, the caroling, and hot chocolate with marshmallows around the fireplace.

Some families are wanting to have a nice normal holiday at home. But due to the pandemic and financial stress, they may not be able to put presents under the tree this year.

The Salvation Army is on a mission to rescue Christmas for families in need facing a difficult time due to COVID-19.

One of the ways the community can help is by donating loose change, so hang on to those pennies.

The Salvation Army in partnership with Walmart is hosting their “Keep the Change” program. It is simple, just round up the total of a purchase at any Walmart location.

The coins collected will be donated to the Salvation Army and no amount is too small.

There are three Walmart locations in Clovis, at Shaw and Villa, Herndon and Sunnyside, and lastly, at Shaw and Fowler.

Another way to help The Salvation Army, is to volunteer as a bell ringer.

They are currently short on bell ringers and are looking for volunteers this holiday season.

Bell ringers will be taking precautions in how they accept donations. They will have QR codes for people to scan with their smartphones in order to avoid any physical contact.

Other payment options accepted are NFC tap and pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Bell ringers in Clovis will be at all Walmarts, Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, and Kohl’s.

To volunteer as a bell ringer, sign up at www.ringforchange.com.

There is also virtual bell ringing available. For more information, visit www.clovis-ca-redkettle.org.

Interested in adopting an angel this season?

The Angel Trees are up at Sierra Vista Mall and Bonaventure Mobile Homes park on 1724 Minnewawa Ave, just north of Shaw Avenue.

The purpose of these trees is to help sponsor a gift for a child in need this upcoming Christmas.

“This year being odd and hard for those that are struggling it really lifts their spirits and it adds to their Christmas, especially the children when they receive the toys and when you see their eyes light up,” says Jennie Onitsuka-Adam, Captain Corps Officer of the Salvation Army in Clovis.

The trees are filled with angel tags each representing a child in the community. The tags include their name along with their Christmas wish.

“Despite everything that has happened this year, with online schooling, things being so different. Christmas is still the same. Just to know we have such a supportive and giving community, it makes all the difference,” said Onitsuka-Adam.

To sponsor an “angel” this Christmas, register at tsamm.org/angeltree.

Tori Lavon
Tori Lavon is a Multimedia Journalist from Reedley, California. She received her Bachelor's in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcasting from California State University, Fresno. Currently, she is a radio intern at One Putt Broadcasting. On occasion, Tori has the opportunity to be on-air with talent. She is getting her start in media. She has a passion for reporting, photography, and videography. Tori also has a love for art; she loves to draw, paint, and does pottery on the side. One day she hopes she can be on-air talent at a radio station as well.