Mechatronics courses begin at Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College is bringing new opportunities for students interested in short-term, high paying careers in local industries.

Mechatronics courses, a combination of electrical, computer, mechanical, and control systems, began at the college on Feb. 5.

Students enrolled in these programs will learn to design, operate and maintain industrial automation systems to prepare them to work for local industries that utilize these technologies, such as food production, petroleum production, fabrication and logistics – giving students the opportunity to be trained and certified for a career in less time than it takes to earn an associate degree.

Mechatronics instructor Matthew Graff partnered with local companies to design and create the curriculum for these courses to give students the specific skill sets and training local employers are looking for.

“We work closely with our partners like Wawona Frozen Foods to develop these programs to train them in those particular food industries,” said Stephanie Babb, director of marketing and communications at Clovis Community College.

Various local companies are eagerly awaiting for students to complete the courses as they have immediate job openings with starting pay of around $20 per hour.