Mayor focused on upholding Clovis’ values as he seeks reelection

Bob Whalen is looking for reelection as Clovis Mayor this coming Mar. 5, 2019. COURTESY OF CITY OF CLOVIS

Clovis Mayor Bob Whalen said he’s looking to uphold the standards of Clovis as he runs for reelection in the upcoming Clovis City Council elections on Mar. 5.

Whalen notes strong public safety, education and strong sense of community as the three values that are especially important for Clovis.

“Each one of those three areas require policies that have to be well thought out,” Whalen said. “The current council, even with the two new council members, have done a good job as we continue on this path. This has been established by not just us, but the people that have gone before us.”

Whalen adds that the current council has proven themselves as a group that is willing to maintain the standards and is able to follow through on the citizens’ desire.

Whalen is one of four candidates fighting for three positions, running against newcomer Maeketah Rivera, as well as incumbents Jose Flores and Drew Bessinger.

Citing recent data, Whalen said Clovis has been recognized as the best place to raise a family.

“That has given us some increased attention by folks who want to move to the city of Clovis and also by those who want to engage in business,” Whalen said. “That causes growth. We want to make sure that as we continue to grow that we don’t forget where we come from and that we continue to push those policies that have made us the No. 1 place in California to raise a family.”

Whalen said Clovis’ success has been possible because of the council’s ability to listen to what the citizens are communicating.

“The ideal form for that is our city council meetings, making sure our decisions are well informed,” Whalen said. “We listen to all of the information coming our way and we decide, not just what’s best for the city of Clovis today, but also tomorrow, next year and 50 years down the road.”

Whalen said those who have served Clovis in past years have been successful in communicating with the citizens, so the current council honors their legacy by doing the same.

“I encourage people to go out and vote,” Whalen said. “I think they have a clear choice. If they like the direction the city of Clovis is going, they’re going to vote for the current council members. If they think the city of Clovis needs to go in a new direction, they have an opportunity to select somebody they think will affect change.”

Tomas Kassahun
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