Massive fan turnout at Ohana Comic-Con

Cosplayers pose for a photo during the Ohana Comic Con event held on July 6, 2019.

Hundreds of Comic-Con fans of all ages descended on the Clovis Veterans Memorial District for the Clovis-Fresno Ohana Toy-Anime Comic-Con on Saturday, July 6. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Independence Room came alive with superheroes. Eye-catching cosplayers dressed up as their favorite comic characters, complete with makeup and props, ready for the costume contest.

“You get to dress up and play someone else for a while,” said one cosplayer. “I love it!”

Other fans came to peruse vendors’ displays. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and the impressive amount of eclectic comic-based collectibles.

There was everything imaginable that related to superheroes and comics: Magical Muggle Wands, themed stickers, action figures, toy anime, jewelry, games, clothing, tote bags, cards, holographic buttons, Hot Wheel cars and comic books.

Oh, the comic books. There were boxes and boxes of comic books, with favorites like Marvel Comics and many others, all in pristine condition, waiting for the perfect buyer.

“I can spend my allowance here and buy my favorites,” said a 10-year-old customer. “This is the best place to find stuff.”

Artist Len Smith, whose credits include the creation of Kit Cloudkicker, Don Karnage, Molly and Wildcat for “Talespin” and is the character designer for The Disney Afternoon’s “Talespin,” “Bonkers,” and “The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh,”  had a table at the event with signed artwork. Smith also designed ToonTown in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Hosted by Turlock-based Ohana Comic-Con, children age 12 and under were free. Regular admission with a coupon, flyer, or ad was only $5.00.

“Ohana Comic-Con values the name ‘Ohana’ because it’s what makes it what it is: a family event, an affordable Con that travels in California, making it also mobile for those unable to join in the excitement, bringing the childhood we grew up with and love, near you,” said Lady Deadpool Fresno, a participant at the event. “Ohana Comic-Con thrives to give a comfortable and family friendly environment to staff, vendors, celebrities and more.”

For those who may not know, cosplay is a shortened form of two words: costume and play. It is the act of portraying a fictional character while in costume.

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