Man on the Street: Why do you rodeo?

PBR cowboy Nathan Burtenshaw earned a score of 80.50 riding Painted Pudge.

Reporting and Photography by Lauren Mueller

The rodeo was electric on finals day, Sunday, April 24. I went out to the rodeo to watch the events and talk to the spectators about why they attend. Compiled below are their responses:

Mark: We come every year, we love it. We’ve come every year for the last 11 years since we came here. My favorite part of the rodeo is barrel racing because of the speed of it. Leslie: We love the fun and excitement. My favorite part is just looking at all the aspects of it. I think all of it’s fun. more
My wife is barrel racing today, she’s number 14 in the world right now, Rachel Dice out of Livermore, CA. Before my wife, I would just go to our hometown rodeo a little bit in Livermore. She’s the one who got me into rodeo. My favorite part of the rodeo is people like JJ Harrison—people who get others into the rodeo. more
My son is a bull rider. I’ve come to the rodeo for as many years as I can remember. My favorite part of the rodeo is seeing old friends, catching up and enjoying the day. more
Trey: There’s a big prize to be won here. I bareback ride. I’ve come here before, but I didn’t get to ride because I was hurt. It’s my first time competing here. I’ve done rodeo since I was 12 years old. I rode bulls for a long time, then moved over to bareback horses. I did both for a while, then left the bulls and kept with the horses. My dad did it. I played baseball for a little while and if the whole team lost I lost too, so, I didn’t like that. I started my own team and started riding bulls. more
I’m here competing in bareback riding. I chose this event because I’m good at it. I sucked at everything else; this event at least paid the bills so I do this one. My dad played a big part in me participating in rodeo. He rodeoed; he didn’t pro rodeo really hard but he rodeoed and I grew up with it. It’s awesome being here competing in the Clovis Rodeo. The weather’s great, the horses bucked, there’s an awesome crowd. You couldn’t ask for a better rodeo. more
Angela: We come every year. Her dad works for Justin Sports Medicine. My favorite part of the rodeo is the bull riding, because my uncle used to ride bulls. I’m from Texas. Miranda: My favorite part of the rodeo is barrel racing, because I like horses. more
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