Make a List and Shop Locally!

Shopping locally benefits your neighborhood and your community.

The bargains you find online may be attractive, but chances are you can find the same items for similar prices right here at home. Shopping locally is better for your community, better for our environment and is probably the best way to find something so unique, your loved ones will be impressed.

Another advantage of shopping locally is that you can take your gifts home right away – there’s no waiting for the delivery day.

The biggest reason to shop locally is to support local retailers. When you buy your gifts from a local store, you’re taking money from your pocket and putting it into the pockets of local store owners. And those dollars usually get spent by the store owners.  They’re very likely to spend their money locally as well.

Research by American Express estimates that about 68 cents out of every dollar spent in local shops stays at home, and if that dollar is re-spent locally three times, it means that – for every dollar you spend at local shops – $1.45 goes back into the community. Economists call that the “multiplier effect,” and it can be very powerful.

When you shop locally, your money doesn’t all go to store owners. You’re paying local taxes as well. Local taxes go to schools, firefighters, and other services in the area. Buying a sweater at a local store can be why your community has enough money to fix the potholes on your street. 

Shopping locally is the best way to find truly unique items. Whether it’s jewelry from a local jeweler, a purse from a local boutique or pottery from a local artisan, local shops give you the best chance to find one-of-a-kind, personal gifts. Show off your personal style with buys from local artisans.

Another great benefit of shopping locally is that many of your finds come with a story.  Those earrings might be from a local artist who got the inspiration from the nursery rhyme her mother told her, or those plates might borrow their pattern from the artist’s love of pop art.  Whatever the story, local artists will tell you how they came up with their unique designs.  Part of the fun of local shopping is the connections you can build with local artists, and hearing their stories is part of it.

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