Magsig Back in the Mayor’s Seat

By Valerie Shelton

The new Mayor of Clovis, Nathan Magsig, is no stranger to the prestigious title, having served as mayor from 2005-2007. This time around, he said he doesn’t plan to do things any differently.

“I will continue to do what I can to improve the quality of life in Clovis,” Magsig said.

Magsig was first elected to the council in 2001. He has worked in several capacities throughout his career. He has served as a youth leader at New Covenant Community Church, a field representative and district director for the 29th Assembly District and the executive director of the Coalition for Urban Renewal Excellence. He currently works as the weatherization director for the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

Magsig said his work history reflects his passion for non-profit work and for helping those who have lived in poverty.

“I’ve always had a heart for non-profits and enjoy working with people,” Magsig said. “I’ve found that one way to help pull people out of poverty is through home ownership, so I’ve done work assisting credit worthy families who just don’t have enough income to afford a home get into less expensive homes where the principal and interest payments are less than their rent.”

Magsig’s father was a pastor and taught him that it was every individual’s responsibility to do what they can to help the community and those around them. That, Magsig said, is why he got involved with non-profits and why he decided to run for office in his hometown.

“I enjoy government and politics and identifying challenges and listening to different people to come up with solutions,” Magsig said. “I chose to invest my time in Clovis because it’s my home and I wanted to make a difference here.”

Magsig said his favorite thing about Clovis is the school system. Magsig is a product of Clovis schools and his success propelled him to Fresno State where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminology, followed by an MBA. Now, Magsig’s three sons are starting their educational careers at Clovis Unified.

Clovis Unified, he said, is a big part of why he chose to stay in Clovis to raise his family.

City Manager Robert Woolley said Magsig has been a pleasure to work with.

“I appreciate his enthusiasm,” Woolley said. “I also appreciate the experience he brings to the table. All our council members have the experience, so there is no learning curve and we’re able to hit the ground running and moving the city forward. I also know Nathan is very passionate about this community and he makes it his first priority when making decisions. He also has a great sense of humor.”

Woolley said he knows Magsig’s passion is art, so he anticipates the city will focus on adding to the walking trail.

During his previous term, three statues were commissioned along the trail: the Bronco Buster, the Tides that Bind and the Walking Doctor pieces. Magsig said he would like to bring more art to the City of Clovis this term. He said he is also focused on economic development.

“I look forward to expanding the research and technology business park off of highway 168 and, in a couple of months, expanding the city’s sphere of influence so we can have an additional park that is 500 acres,” Magsig said. “This will help with job growth.”