Lunch on a whim, The Craft House

L-R: The Triple Cheese and Bacon Burger, Thai Shrimp Tacos, and the All American Pub Burger. The Craft House is located on the corner of Pollasky and Eigth St. in Old Town Clovis. (CR File Photo)

On Pollasky Avenue south of Fifth Street, you will find The Craft House – one of the best dining experiences Clovis has to offer.

When venturing out to a new or new-to-you eatery, first impressions are everything. The Craft House sports clean, rustic décor with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs crafting the orders as they come.

The service is personalized from the moment you walk in, with the owner, Greg Wilson, greeting us on our arrival. The Craft House has something different to offer, as Wilson told us. His chefs are given the creative freedom to “craft” their own creations.

This being my first time at The Craft House, I had a good look at the menu. Luckily, it was neither of my companions’ first time and they offered their advice when I asked about the item I had in mind; the All American Pub Burger is very good. I ordered just that, with fries and sriracha aioli for dipping sauce.

One of my companions ordered the Thai Shrimp Tacos, the menu item she had been prepared to order long before we walked in the door.

My other friend ordered the Triple Cheese & Bacon Burger, something he was trying for the first time. “It had so much flavor, I feel like everything complimented each other really well. You had the crunch from the bacon and the pickle, and juiciness of the burger. It was very good,” he said.

I’ve had plenty of burgers in my lifetime, several from places claiming to be the best. However, as soon as I bit into The Craft House’s burger, I knew this was truly the best. The beef itself is a juicy, flavorful bistro style patty. It comes with smoked cheddar, sliced onion, tomato, house pickles, green leaf lettuce and their very own pub sauce. The pub sauce exquisitely compliments the burger and brings a tangy, bold flavor.

The Craft House is my prediction to blow up fast in Old Town. I recommend getting in there while it’s still relatively quiet and intimate.

The Craft House is located at 760 W Pollasky Ave., Clovis, CA 93612. For more information, visit or call (559) 472-3398.