At Lunch with the Clovis Roundup: Deli Delicious

Photos by Ron Sundquist

By Valerie Shelton, EditorDeli Delicious photo 2

The summer heat is upon us and there is no better lunch to keep you full and cool than a fresh sandwich or salad from your local Deli Delicious.

Each signature sandwich is piled high with your choice of high-quality meats and cheeses and a bountiful heaping of veggies—sliced and prepared fresh that morning—atop an artisan French roll or stuffed inside a crisp lettuce wrap. Their popular sprouts are a veggie topping you can’t get at many other sandwich shops and their avocados are the freshest around. Plus, cream cheese is one of the cheese choices and it sure pairs well with that fresh avocado.

The salads are a delight too—complete with all the veggies you want, plus grilled chicken if you want more protein. And for those wanting a hefty dose of carbs, Deli Delicious offers more than just a bag of chips to go with your meal. You can choose from regular fries, thick cut fries, sweet potato fries, or the Roundup’s favorite—the curly fries. Try them with the chipotle barbecue dipping sauce, a fun alternative to your ordinary ketchup. If you have a big crowd, Deli Delicious also caters salads, sandwiches and sides.

Deli Delicious photo 3Becky Fraser, the owner of the two Deli Delicious in Clovis, one on Herndon and Clovis, and another on Shaw and Armstrong, said the Herndon location has been experiencing a boom in business since Sprouts and Ross opened, making the old Trading Post Shopping Center new again. On the Roundup’s recent visit, the line was out the door and Fraser was all smiles. Busy as a bee, she and a couple of her employees did their best to serve each customer promptly, while also preparing a large catering tray of sandwiches to deliver to a local business.

Every one of us was pleased with our order. I had number 21, a turkey and avocado sandwich with sprouts and cream cheese. I ordered the small—a generous 6 inches—and saved half for dinner. Our graphic designer, Billy Xiong, enjoyed a Philly Cheesesteak and our office manager Catherine Reeg ordered a tasty salad. You could tell each sandwich and salad was made with care and there was no skimping on any ingredients. In fact, their sandwiches look better in person than in the photos!

If you’re in the mood for a fresh sandwich or salad, remember Deli Delicious is the place to go!

Congratulations to the following people who entered our raffle at the Clovis Chamber of Commerce EXPO: DeAnn Walters of Sierra Vista Healthcare Center and Dave Waligorski of Magic Marketing. You have each won a free lunch on us!