Letter from the Publisher: Clovis Matters

As a city, Clovis continues to hold true to its traditions, family values and its unique culture.

The success of the city is not a result of one stellar individual, entity or industry, but can be attributed to the synergy that exists between all citizens, organizations and businesses.

From city official to classroom teacher to the almond farmer on the outskirts of town, each individual and their story make up the fabric of the community and all their stories matter to us and the sum of all their parts is the reason why Clovis itself matters.

As the local media source for Clovis, The Clovis Roundup strives to tell the stories that matter: the stories about our fearless city leaders on the dais, who take to heart our citizen concerns and uphold our values; the stories of the students, teachers, coaches, staff, and parents who make Clovis Unified one of the best districts nationwide; the stories of our beautiful parks and our trail system; the stories of our veterans who have proudly served and sacrificed; the stories of our hardworking police and fire departments and their affiliated volunteers who keep us safe; the stories of our superior hospital, Clovis Community Medical Center, and its growing campus; the stories about our local small businesses; the stories about our top tier rodeo and our numerous Old Town events; and, of course, the stories about our nonprofit organizations—the Marjaree Mason Center, Soroptimist, and Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch, just to name a few—that serve without ceasing.

Each of the above entities is a gem in and of itself and if Clovis had just one of them, I believe the city would still be regarded as a go-to destination. But combined, they create something truly remarkable: the Clovis Way of Life.

The Clovis Way of Life matters and The Clovis Roundup wants to showcase each facet that contributes to it. While we’ve certainly done that over the years in our printed publication, we’re now making it our mission to highlight each aspect of the Clovis Way of Life digitally with our new online video series Clovis Matters.

Thus far, we’ve highlighted a few small businesses, our local Clovis Museum and the CVMD, but this is just the beginning of a project with many possibilities, and possibly no end as Clovis continues to grow and thrive.

As our faithful readers and now viewers, we want to encourage you as we move forward to let us know what matters to YOU! What stories do you want to see featured on video or in print? The Clovis Roundup is YOUR community news source and we welcome your feedback because YOU, dear reader, are a part of what makes Clovis matter!

To view videos that are part of our Clovis Matters series, visit ClovisRoundup.com/category/clovis-matters/

Donna Melchor is the owner and publisher of the Clovis Roundup. Her love and passion for the City of Clovis and its people is the inspiration behind this publication. For her dedication, Donna Melchor has also been honored as the 2012 Business Woman of the Year and as the recipient of the 2014 Spirit of Clovis award held by the Clovis Hall of Fame.