Legends of Motorsports

Herman Hutton, Clovis-Speedway main event winner 1967. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Once again Legends of Motorsports will be honored at Clovis Park in the Park on Saturday, July 16th. Last year, local engine builder Joe Boghosian was the honoree. This year, Herman Hutton and Wayne Sumner will be honored for their contribution to Motorsports Saturday at 6:30 pm. A list of past Legends can be found on the Clovis Park in the Park website.

Herman Hutton from Selma was one of the outstanding drivers in the 1950 – 1970 era of Hardtop and Modified Racing. Hutton was among the top group of drivers who raced throughout California in the glory days of the very popular hardtop and modified racing series, racing several times a week before huge crowds.

His son, Bobby, continues the Hutton Legacy as a very active member of the Legends of Kearney Bowl Vintage Group. A number of Vintage Cars will be on display, including his Father’s famous #45 racecar on Saturday.

The second inductee, Wayne Sumner, comes from a very prominent local Motorcycle racing family. The Sumner name goes back 75 years in the Motorcycle Industry, being one of the early leaders in the sales and service of motorcycles in the San Joaquin Valley.

Wayne was a very successful rider in many phases of motorcycle racing and rode until he was 78 years old ‘three years ago’. Whether on a short flat track, the mile track, or on the road racing course, he was a very tough competitor. His 61Y he raced at Willow Springs will be on display at Saturday’s event.

In local automotive news, the City of Clovis joined the US Congress, other cities, counties and states across the United States in making a Proclamation recognizing Friday July 8, 2016 as National Collector Car Appreciation Day. For the last five years, cars and their owners have gathered at the Clovis Farmers Market to be a part of this Nationally recognized day. I would like to thank everyone for taking part in this great event.

July 16th – Clovis Park in the Park
July 22nd – Clovis Missionary Baptist Church
July 29th – Sizzling Summer Knights Bullard Pep & Cheer Car Show
July 29th-30th –Arroyo Grande Car Show and Cruise Night
August 5th – Clovis Missionary Baptist Church
– Rods on the Bluff
August 12th – Clovis Farmers Market (contact Paul Hinkle)
August 20th – Clovis Park in the Park
August 21st – Summer Turlock Swap
August 26th – 27th – Wheels ‘N’ Windmills Car Show
August 26th – 28th – Goodguys 30th West Coast Nationals

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