The Killer Dueling Pianos face off at DiCicco’s in Old Town

The Killer Dueling Pianos offered a special brand of entertainment to locals at DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant in Old Town on Nov. 7 & 8, 2017. (Photo by Leticia Madrigal/Clovis Roundup)

California-based entertainers The Killer Dueling Pianos brought a special brand of entertainment to DiCicco’s Italian Restaurant in Old Town Clovis on Nov. 7 and 8.

This dueling piano performance is unlike any other. These two musicians don’t just sit in their chair and play elevator music as attendees eat dinner. Instead, they cover songs from all different genres of music.

The Killer Dueling Pianos strive to create a full-crowd interactive environment during each performance with attendees making all musical requests from classic rock to Top 40 pop.

“Rather than us just being performers, we’re here to entertain,” said Ryan Butler, CEO of The Killer Dueling Pianos. “With the requests and crowd interaction it’s a party … we love making people feel like they’re the show.”

Pianist Ryan Butler and Donny Scott, vice president of TKDP, engage in a silly face-off battle of which genre or style of music appeals to the audience most.

With dinner on their tables and a drink in their hands, attendees prepare to make a song request with a monetary donation. Attendees who don’t like a song that is being played are also given the opportunity to stop the music by giving a monetary donation.

This initially created a friendly battle of the sexes between female and male attendees. Each gender paid to sing along and dance to songs from music genres that seemed to appeal most to each gender group.

One woman even paid $45 to have “Fireworks” by solo artist Katy Perry played.

The entire night went on with the crowd laughing, singing along, clapping and even yelling to covers of popular songs by Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond and the Backstreet Boys.