KFSR radio personality wins national awards

Doc Lewis and his wife Demetris at the 2017 Black Essence World-Wide Awards in Houston. (Photo Contributed)

Local radio personality Doc Lewis took 2017 by storm after being recognized nationally for his work in radio at many prestigious award shows.

In October, Lewis was a finalist for three awards. He was named winner of the “Black Essence World-Wide” award in Houston, and was runner-up for both the “Radio Host of the Year” award at The Spin Awards in Atlanta and The Newsome Awards in Baltimore.

“It feels good when your name is called,” said Lewis. “You go up against so many people … for me it’s good and I tell people, ‘The best award that I ever got is my name written in the program.’”

These awards comply with his mission to continue making a presence in the entertainment world, meeting new people and networking at local and national events. He enjoys attending these events, sitting back and soaking in the uniqueness of each awards show.

“I try to go to a lot of events … that’s how you get recognized, that’s how people become movie stars and actors,” he said.

Lewis is humble when addressing his accomplishments and speaking of the awards he has received. He believes he has a greater meaning to life in impacting others.

“I’m a very simple person, I’m down to earth,” Lewis said. “I love the awards but if I could change one life, that’s better than any of the awards I have received for myself.”

Though his life has been filled with more troubles and challenges than most can relate to, being born prematurely, pronounced brain dead for a few hours after birth, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and polio and overcoming bullying as a child has only served as motivation to succeed and help those with similar life experiences.

With more than 40 years of experience in radio, Lewis is currently serving as the host of the Gospel Show on 90.7 KFSR, which airs live from the Fresno State campus every Sunday morning. As an author, he has written, “Let Me Tell You My Story,” a book about his life.

He says a broadcaster in his hometown of Gonzales, Louisiana sparked his interest in radio and taught him the art of broadcasting.

“He came over and asked me, ‘How would you like to be my bag boy?,” said Lewis. “I got started by carrying his bags, setting him up in his box and [secretly] playing his radio while he was out on lunch.”

After being caught mimicking his voice, he taught him to do his own voice for radio, Lewis added.

In addition to these awards, Lewis is a two-time Grammy nominee and has been invited to attend the 60th annual awards show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Jan. 28.