Justin Moore Brings American Made Tour to Boots in the Park concert series

Contributed Photo

By Johnny Martin, Reporter

The true country fans embraced the brisk and wet 50-degree weather and came out to Woodward Park for the Boots In The Park concert series on Friday, April 7.

The audience was left antsy as the concert got off to a late start thanks to the storm system that blew through the night of the concert. However, the opening acts set the table and got the party started. LA based Daniel Bonte & The Bona Fide performed songs off their new EP “Easy Kinda Livin” and Jordan Rager performed “Southern Boy,” “Now That I know Your Name” and other top hits, with a little mixture of Eminem to set the tone for the night.

Just as the audience was settling down from the opening acts, the headliner and platinum-selling artist Justin Moore took the stage and cranked the volume to 100. As he took the stage, the crowd roared louder than a concert in a full arena and kept going as Moore tried to sing his first song.

Opening with songs off his first album like “Backwoods” brought back memories of 2009 and where life was when Moore’s first album came out. Just as he sent you down memory lane, Moore brought out his newest album “Kinda Don’t Care” with songs “Robbin Trains” and “You Look Like I Need a Drink.”

As Moore continued into his set, he took time away from his music to thank some people he said that don’t get the thanks they deserve. He was quick to thank first responders such as EMT’s and Firefighters and gave one of the bigger thank you’s to teachers. That, however, was overshadowed by the thank you he gave to our police officers and offered his thoughts and questioned why they don’t get the respect that they deserve.

As if his music hadn’t won over the crowd already, that class act got the audience hyped even more and he responded with one of his most popular selections in “Small Town USA.”  Moore continued rocking the stage and even came out for an encore after two hours worth of music.

The show had the feel of an arena show as you still had the big stage accompanied with the bright and sweeping lights and you even had the video board at the back of the stage. At the same time the show felt a lot more relaxed like you were sitting in in the park listening to one of your friends play guitar. The concert had a much more intimate feel to it than your normal arena show and that alone made the show even better.

Keep your eyes open for a possible Moore return to Fresno later this year or next.