Junior High and High School rodeo contestants compete at Clovis Chute-Out

Story and Photos by Lauren Mueller, Reporter


Cold, wet weather did not deter the Junior High and High School rodeo participants on the weekend of March 5. Though the rain muddied the arena and slowed down times, young cowboys and cowgirls saddled up and gave their all through the storm.

Hosted at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds, the largest High School Rodeo in California hosted divisions four through seven with determination. Both arenas that were used for the event were thoroughly soaked by the rain and mud slowed time and made the horses uneasy.

“They don’t want to run in the mud,” said Jody Reese, mother and trainer of one of the Barrel Racing competitors.

Though times were slowed, the competition was fierce. No matter which arena you watched, participants gave their all in every event. And those on the sidelines were as eager for their cowboys and cowgirls to win as the competitors themselves.

And win they did. Below is a list of the winners in each rodeo event and the all-around winners:

Event Winners
Junior Barrels: Sammey Massey
High School Barrels: Kelsey Pickens
Girls Breakaway: Kaiden Ayers
Boys Breakaway: Blayne Tuoisselman
High School Breakaway: Hannah Steagall
Junior Tiedown: No Times
High School Tiedown: Cole Dodds
Junior Poles: Madison Camozzi
High School Poles: Hannah Steagall
Girls Goats: Kaiden Ayers
Boys Goats: Payton Sinclair
High School Goats: Abigayle Hampton
Junior Team Roping: Lila Bell and Jake Bourdet
High School Team Roping: Zach Variah and ChanceRuftoni
Ribbon Roping: Wyatt Roseberry and Alea Silva
Chutedogging: Christopher Kjekgaar
Junior Bareback: Erik Bettancourt
High School Bareback: Zachary Hanko
Junior Saddle Bronc: Luke Shelly
High School Saddle Bronc: Cameron Messier
Junior Bulls: Jayden Avina
High School Bulls: Graut Peterson
Boys Cutting: Jason Anderson
Girls Cutting: Aubrey Reese
Steer Wrestling: Wacey Barrington

All-Around Winners
High School Boy: Chase Hayhurst
High School Girl: Hannah Steagall
Rookie High School Girl: Riley George
Junior High Boy: TIE: Wyatt Roseberry and Kade Hollman
Junior High Girl: Kaiden Ayres

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