Jose Flores: community and leadership is a way of life

Clovis City Councilmember Jose Flores is running for reelection this March. (Courtesy of City of Clovis)

As a child growing up in Clovis, Jose Flores paid close attention to his mother’s leadership skills. Flores saw his mother’s involvement in various organizations in the community and developed a similar desire to one day do the same.

“I saw that example and it stuck with me that if you have talent, you need to give back to the community,” Flores said.

Through his career in law enforcement and nearly 20 years as a Clovis City Council member, Flores made his dream come true.

Now, as he runs for reelection in the upcoming Clovis City Council election in March, Flores said he is still hungry to keep serving the community.

“Public service is something that I have done all my adult life,” Flores said. “The vehicle that I found is my career in law enforcement and then later my political career as council member in Clovis.”

Flores said being on the city council is a team effort with five individuals who have different minds, but come together and develop a vision for what Clovis should be in the future.

Flores adds that the goal is not just to work for the next two to three years, but to plan for 20, 30 years.

With the election still more than a month away, Flores said he has already received a lot of support from the community.

“When it becomes something that I don’t want to do or people don’t want me to do, then I will retire,” Flores said. “But I still want to serve and when I checked with my friends in the community, they still want me to serve. I do want to serve the next four years in Clovis.”

Flores said one of his main goals has always been to make sure there is a reliable source of water.

“I try to become one of the water experts on the council,” Flores said.

Flores added that education is another key challenge he focuses on.

“I’m a product of the Clovis Unified School District. That’s why when I first came to the city council, I formed a subcommittee involving the school district,” Flores said. “That has been something that is very important to me.”

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