Honoring Our Legacy: Clovis Memorial Run shines light on seniors, veterans

The Clovis Memorial Run drew hundreds to Clovis over Memorial Day weekend. The race is put on to honor the seniors and veterans in the community. (Photo by Ron Sundquist/Clovis Roundup)

The annual Clovis Memorial Run was held Saturday, May 27 in honor of seniors and veterans.

“Every year, we get a lot of support from the community. It’s a fun event,” said Shonna Halterman, City of Clovis general services director and organizer of the event.

The Run, a fundraiser for the Clovis Senior Activity Center and a way to bring awareness to the services it provides, included a children’s half-mile race, a senior half-mile walk and roll, a five kilometer (5K) run/walk and a two mile run/walk. The races started and ended at the Clovis Senior Activity Center.

Ken Wilkinson of Fresno and Teri Barrett of Clovis finished first in the 5K male and female divisions, respectively. Wilkinson, 36, finished with a time of 17:25.2 while Barrett, 41, completed the race in 19:13.4. Clovis’ Alex Sosin and Bakersfield’s Daniella Alali finished as runner-ups for each division.

The event also featured a pancake breakfast, a resource fair with information for seniors and veterans and raffle prizes.

Buchanan High School cheerleaders were at the Clovis Memorial Run to support the event as well as hand participants medals and water.

“I like that it gives everyone in Clovis an opportunity to do something that’s not as long as a marathon,” said Carly Basgall, a cheerleader at Buchanan High School.

Eric Steinbrueck participated in the Clovis Memorial Run for the second time to support his wife, who is currently serving in the military.

“I want to do everything I can to support her,” Steinbrueck said. “It’s great to see everyone here united to celebrate our veterans.”

Seniors also got into the action, participating in the half-mile Senior Walk and Roll. (Photo by Ron Sundquist/Clovis Roundup)

Bob Scholz, a Vietnam Army veteran who participated in the Clovis Memorial Run, said the event brought people of all ages together in honor of veterans.

“It gets the youth out there to recognize what veterans have done,” Scholz said.

Halterman said the attendees are generally evenly dispersed amongst all of the age groups, from children to senior citizens.

Anthony Guerrero, a Vietnam-era Navy veteran who attended the Run, said veterans are not always perceived positively.

“Sometimes, veterans are looked down upon,” Guerrero said. “Now, we’re getting a lot of support.”

Participant LisaMarie Moore said she enjoys running because it provides personal fulfilment.

Kids participated in a half-mile run during the Clovis Memorial Run on Saturday, May 27. (Photo by Ron Sundquist/Clovis Roundup)

“It’s something I can do on my own time that nobody can tell me I’m doing wrong,” Moore said.

Cade Hoover, a Clovis North High School student and poolee, also participated in the Clovis Memorial Run. A poolee is someone who has committed to serving in the Marine Corps, but still has not completed recruit training.

“[Veterans] do the most for this country and they don’t get enough recognition for it,” Hoover said.

Hoover said because the Clovis Memorial Run takes place during Memorial Day weekend, it also helps reminds people of the purpose of Memorial Day.

“Memorial Day weekend is for the veterans. It’s not just a three day weekend to go out and party,” he said. “It’s time to support the people that defend you.”