Healthcare CTE Students training Construction CTE Students

Students with the Clovis East Patient Care Pathway demonstrate some of the life-saving techniques they learn at an open-house event held back in May. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS UNIFIED CTE

In response to industry demand for construction workers to have knowledge of construction related emergencies, select students of the Clovis East Patient Care Pathway will be demonstrating response procedures for the aspiring Clovis High construction professionals.  

From 10 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, Oct. 8 and Thursday, Oct. 10, the crossover event featuring emergency response demonstrations by Clovis East High medical students to Clovis High construction students will be held in Clovis High Room H10. 

Medical students will be in their full medical scrubs and the construction students will be in their construction attire to reinforce the real life application learning application of the session.

During the two-day session, students will get demonstrations in various work-related scenarios, including stop the bleed; for victims of severe cuts, minor amputation, objects in the eye, immobilization after a fall, basic resuscitation and other crucial response procedures.

This highly visual event will include many hands on demonstrations and visual aids as the students learn potentially life-saving first aid techniques in the career field they are exploring.