The Grove Café is a Hidden Gem Inside a Hospital

By Sam Desatoff | Reporter

Hospitals don’t often conjure up thoughts of good food at great prices. After all, if you are inside a hospital chances are you have more important things to think about. But The Grove Café inside Clovis Community Hospital is definitely worth noticing.

Long considered a well-kept secret, The Grove is a cafeteria-style café adjacent to the hospital’s lobby. Patrons mark their order on a slip of paper and hand them to the chefs behind a counter. The menu offers up staples of breakfast and lunch (we visited during breakfast hours) including omelets, breakfast burritos, and hamburgers. A surprising feature is a full service pizza oven tucked into the corner of the café. There is also fresh fruit and a generous offering of drink selections, including a Peet’s Coffee bar. Gluten free offerings round out the selection.

The food was surprisingly tasty and plentiful; I felt satisfied after my omelet without being overly full. Atmosphere also played an unexpected role in our visit, with the hospital’s trademark tune playing over the loudspeakers to signify the birth of a new baby. It was a pleasant conversation starter that certainly helped to build a unique dining experience.

The biggest draw of The Grove, however, is the price of the food. Each item is no more than a couple dollars, with many of them coming in well under a dollar. For six of us to eat it cost about 37 dollars total, including our drinks and sides.

The hospital’s location is also a draw. Being situated just off SR 168 at Temperance means that it’s a short drive from just about anywhere in Clovis, and the recent additions to the complex have added to the aesthetic appeal.

There is no doubt that thinking of a hospital as a dining destination takes some getting used to, but if you find yourself looking for something new and exciting The Grove certainly fits the bill. The novelty alone makes the trip worth it, but the prices and the quality of the food will have you looking forward to your next visit to the hospital.

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