Good news for car builders


By Paul Hinkle


This past year 2015, turned out to be a good year for car builders. The U.S. Congress passed a bill that would allow car enthusiasts to buy replicas of classic vehicles. The president signed this new law called the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufactures Act in December of 2015. Car enthusiasts now have the choice of purchasing a completed replica or build a vehicle from a kit.

The practice of building or recreating vintage cars goes back many generations. In the early 50s there was a greater demand for classic cars than there was supply. As the interest grew, prices became unaffordable. The development of fiberglass bodies allowed for look-alike bodies that were less expensive to fill the void. Today you can find many of the popular bodies and body parts being made out of steel and aluminum. Kit cars allow hobbyist’s to build their favorite car in garages.

This new law that Congress passed will take effect in 2017. Small automakers will be able to sell up to 325 turn-key replica bodies of a motor vehicles produced at least 25 years ago. From the 60s until today there was one system for regulating automobiles. The system was designed for companies that mass-produced millions of vehicles. Because federal laws regulated these vehicles to be treated as if they were current model year vehicles, not vintage cars, made it impossible for small companies to sell turn-key cars.

For decades replica cars have been sold as kit cars. Manufactures sold them partially assembled. The buyer would put the body on a new frame and install the drive train (motor, transmission and rear end.) Registration and pulling title of the finished cars were handled at the state level.

What does this mean for the buyer and builders? You will continue to have the freedom to assemble your own car from a kit or modern-era and non-replica cars. The law will provide another option for those who don’t have time or skills to complete a kit car. The federal government has until December 2016 to draft regulations implementing the law. Sales should begin in early 2017.


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