Get your Pink on at FTF Fitness

Photo contributed by FTF Fitness

You’ve seen the pink ribbons, pink shirts, pink wrist bands, and rolled up pink socks that athletes often wear on the sidelines before football games — these are all worn in an effort to promote awareness toward the battle against breast cancer.

For the last seven years, FTF Fitness has been part of the movement by supporting the non-profit organization, Barbells for Boobs. Their annual event is back on Oct. 22.

Next to skin cancer, breast cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed in the United States among women. The American Cancer Society states that there are currently more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, including women still receiving treatment and those who are done with treatment.

Barbells for Boobs is dedicated to making early detection among men and women under forty available by providing access to procedures, connections and support to over 20,000 individuals.

Co-owner of FTF Fitness Jacquelyn Chastain said she expects more participants this year than ever before. In the past around fifty people attend or participate in this annual event. This year she has reached out to other gyms around the Valley to come join the movement.

Photo contributed by FTF Fitness

“In the past years, we have only included mostly FTF gym goers and family, but decided, why stop there?” Chastain said. “We are always doing our best to contribute to our community and finding ways to help it become better.”

The event will begin with a workout portion starting at 8 a.m. followed by a friendly CrossFit competition consisting of one workout with four levels that athletes can choose from depending on their fitness level. The levels include: novice, intermediate, RX and Super RX. For athletes the cost of participation is $40, but spectators and guests are free.

All funds received from the event will be donated to the Barbells for Boobs movement.

Chastain said the event is for all ages and anybody is welcome to participate in a fun filled workout with less restrictions than would be put in place at an official CrossFit event.

The color pink will be present as always and anybody who wishes to dress up may do so. There will also be an incentive to dress in pink; the best pretty in pink competitor will be awarded a prize.

Photo contributed by FTF Fitness

“We’ve had people in the past working out in pink sport bras, men in pink short-shorts and a variety of pink tutus,” Chastain said. “It’s quite entertaining.”

If working out, and dressing up in pink seems a little too wild but you want to help raise money, Chastain said other games will be open to play like the Bra-Pong.

Chastain said, for her bringing awareness to breast cancer by supporting the Barbells for Boobs organization is a way to help bring the community together and support their loved ones.

“One thing that I look forward to when we put on these events is watching the excitement of people who have never competed in CrossFit before because of a workout or intimidation,” Chastain said.  “They get out there for our events because it’s for a purpose that means something to them, and it’s a workout they are able to do to regardless of how fit or unfit they are, and they come out loving it.”