Get Fit Clovis participants share summer goals

The trails in Clovis are a local favorite to runners, joggers and walkers who are all working toward a healthy life. Some folks use the trails a way to keep active and run as a hobby, while others utilize the trails as a training ground for 5Ks, half marathons and even the Boston Marathon. The Get Fit Clovis fitness challenge kicked off June 1 on Global Running Day on the trails and some of the runners who participated in the Summer Pub Run Series, hosted by Fleet Feet, shared with us their fitness goals for the summer and for life. Some of the Get Fit Clovis challenge takers who participated in the inaugural Get Fit Clovis meet on Saturday, June 4, also shared why fitness was important for them.

Diane Volpp’s goal is to keep those 60 pounds off, something she’s been doing for four years strong! Volpp’s first ever 5K run was The Clovis Memorial Run in 2012. “My doctor made me start running. She told me I had to get active,” Volpp said. She started by walking, then when walking got boring she decided to do the Couch to 5K program. Soon, she felt confident enough to start running. Now she has done half marathons and century bike rides. more
Eric Loveland’s goal for the summer is to train for the Santa Rosa Marathon that is on August 28. He also hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Loveland stated, “I like keeping active to just stay healthy and full of energy.” Loveland has been running since he was 10 years old, and says he has enjoyed every bit of it. When referencing his experience in middle school and high school cross country Loveland said, “It was just a life inspiring, life changing turn of events for me.”more
Stephanie’s goal is to run a sub 3 marathon [running a marathon in under 3 hours] in the next 5 years. She plans to spend the next 5 years working towards that goal, starting on our Clovis trails and going all the way to Boston!more
When we asked Juan Mendoza what his goal is for the summer, Mendoza said, “Right now my goal is actually coming up – to run my first marathon, which is going to be in San Diego this Sunday (June 5).” Mendoza began training for his first marathon the beginning of this year. His training involved running on the trails here in Clovis and doing elliptical and treadmill at the gym. “What motivates me to run is just being outside… and also meeting great people. Since I started running I have made great friends,” Mendoza continued. Congratulations Juan Mendoza for running in your first marathon!more
Jessica Sutton got tired of being sick and tired! So to get her start she signed up with the Couch to 5K program. She’s been running for about four years now, and recently started to do half marathons. She says it’s been a good journey, one that started when she first moved here and was trying to find a way to keep up with her running routine. She went to a random race one day and met up with the Bears, the BNB Runners, and got involved with them. “I think finding support from partners makes it really easy to get out there,” Sutton said.more
Carrie Moore’s goal this summer is just to stay as active as possible. She’s a cyclist, a jogger, and a swimmer who plans to simply enjoy what Fresno and Clovis has to offer. “I enjoy the backyard that we live in,” Moore said, “I’m trying to stay healthy in my skin and I’m trying to lose weight.” more
Courtney’s goal is to run a marathon before 2017, and to eventually run a sub 2 half, [running a half marathon in less than two hours]. more
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