Full O Bull celebrates 45 years in Clovis

(L to R): Page, Kylie, Bryan Basinger (Owner), and Jenny Takacs (Manager for 16 years) pose for a photo during their 45th Anniversary on Feb. 2, 2019. PHOTO BY RON SUNDQUIST/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

Clovis residents showed up in full force to celebrate Full O Bull’s 45th year anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 2. The popular sandwich shop celebrated its anniversary by giving a large sub for a discount price and free t-shirts for the first 50 customers.

Full O Bull assistant manager Tosha Marsh said she has been with the business for 10 years and has seen a lot of growth over the years.

“We have daily customers now that come in everyday or twice a week, three times a week,” Marsh said. “You see little kids growing up and stuff, so it’s pretty cool.”

Joyce Sabatini was the original owner of Full O Bull, but she passed it down to her daughter Phyllis Clark. When Clark became ill with cancer, she sold the sandwich shop to the current owner Bryan Bassinger.

“[Bassinger] is a close family friend of the grand daughter of [Sabatini],” Marsh said. “He wants to keep Full O Bull in its original way, as an Old Town favorite sandwich shop.”

Marsh said Clovis customers love to see Full O Bull’s consistency.

“There are other Full O Bulls out there that have the recipe and they change it. We get a lot of complains that they change it,” Marsh said. “You gotta stick with what you know.”

She adds that Full O Bull is more than just a sandwich shop, but also a place that brings the community together.

“When you’re in there working, you’ll be helping one person and they see someone from high school that they haven’t seen in years,” Marsh said. “Then they get to talking, so it’s pretty cool.”

Full O Bull’s specialities feature veggie and steak sandwiches, including pastrami, salami and turkey.

Marsh said Full O Bull recently added delivery and there is a plan to open a new Full O Bull in downtown Fresno.

With customers coming out in large numbers to celebrate the anniversary in Clovis, the shop ran out of sandwiches and closed 20 minutes early.

“It was way better than we expected because it was supposed to rain today,” Marsh said.”We have been promoting it on Facebook and a lot of people came. We were shocked at how many people actually came. It was amazing.”

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