Fresno County to Provide Tax Relief for Creek Fire Victims

The Creek Fire has now burned more that 291,426 acres in eastern Fresno and Madera Counties, making it the largest single fire in state history.

The devastation has destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and property, displacing thousands of residents and animals.

Fresno County has a property tax relief program that can help these victims.

“We intend to be proactive and assist the property owners of Fresno County”, stated County Assessor-Recorder Paul Dictos. “We are prepared to move quickly as we all work to get through this difficult time, to ease the heavy burden that has disrupted the lives of so many”, said Dictos.

Residents who suffered $10,000 or more in damages to their taxable property are eligible for a reassessment of their property value. Claim has to be made within 12 months of the loss.

To begin the process, property owners are to contact the Fresno County Assessor’s office at (559) 600-3534 or go to

To fill out an application, property owners can download the form at

Residents filing a claim can also defer payment of the December 10 property tax payment until a corrected bill can be reflected on the reduced value of the property. If the deferral claim is filed timely, there will be no penalty or interest. Residents must file for the tax deferral claim as early as possible before December 10, 2020.