Fresno Animal Center to Hold ‘Fidos, Felines & Floaties’ Adoption Event

May 24, 2023 -The Fresno Animal Center has partnered with the Best Friends Animal Society to host a summer themed event on Saturday May 27th and are hoping that you can make it.

For those looking to adopt a pet, they will be greeted with food trucks, vendors, and $5 adoptions at 5277 E Airways Blvd.

This event comes on the heels of exceeding capacity in animal shelters throughout the state of California, with the Fresno Animal Center and the Best Friends Animal Society believe there has never been a better time to adopt.

Adoption is the number one way to save a shelter pet and this summer event hopes to get numbers of adoptions that will save these animals. All adoptions for the day will be reduced to $5.

“We are excited to welcome our community to the Animal Center for this great event. We are thankful for the continued support of the Best Friends Animal Society,” said Sally Breyer, Director of Shelter Operations at the Fresno Animal Center.

Dr. Kristin Barney, Senior Director of the Pacific Region at the Best Friends Animal Society says, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Fresno Animal Center to get as many adoptable pets into loving homes as possible.”

To this day, animal shelters, including the Fresno Animal Center struggle to support higher intakes of animals, and say that adoptions and fosters are not keeping pace.

With this comes a population imbalance, and more animals in shelters cause increased strain on both shelter staff and the sheltered animals.

With most California shelters at or over capacity, pets are more at risk of losing their lives due to lack of space. Currently, the Fresno Animal Center has over 250 adoptable dogs and cats on site.

“Right now, the animals of Fresno need your help and your loving homes. We hope the community will come out and support the event.”

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