Former Costco to House Fresno Child Welfare Services

The 138,000-square foot vacant warehouse will now be home to Fresno County’s new Child Welfare Services Center. (Clovis Roundup Photo)

The empty building that was once Costco will now house Fresno County’s Child Welfare Services.

Fresno County has already approved the lease for the 138,000 square foot building and plans to use the space for almost 550 Child Welfare Service staff members, according to The Business Journal.

The rent would not exceed $166.07 million and the term lease is limited to 19 years, the journal reports.

The building on 380 West Ashlan Ave was home to Costco for 19 years before the company vacated in July 2019, moving to a new building on the northwest corner of the Clovis and Santa Ana Avenues intersection.

“This facility is an important piece in our ongoing efforts to enhance department performance and improve the experience of those we serve,” said Delfino Neira, director of Fresno County’s Department of Social Services. “This location will allow for greater operational efficiency, maximization of resources, streamlined service delivery, and enable the department to provide a higher quality of services to the residents of Fresno County.”

Fresno County has yet to announce a move in date.